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Pascal Cotte, Lumiere Technology founder

Pascal Cotte

Pascal Cotte

The analysis of the Mona Lisa by Pascal Cotte with the invention he created, the multispectral camera; find out why.


The real revolution that Pascal Cotte offers is to be able to study artworks in depth. For instance, studying the painting in the reality of their pigments, without touching them, thus without damaging them, since all researches are done on a digital file.

« ✅ What is new is that the scientific analysis of the paintings brings an improvement in the knowledge of the techniques used by the painters.

Any curator, expert, or private collector will have very easy access to the invisible of his painting. For example, he will be able at leisure to explore it by enlarging it, without losing definition, discover the underlying drawings, see at a glance the restorations already carried out, plan which ones to do.

Indeed, he will have the most beautiful image ever made of his painting before his eyes, and behind this image, a real scientific approach.

« ✅ The multispectral camera is a major invention, as it allows France to take the lead in a policy of digitization and conservation of the world’s pictorial heritage, while Google does not seem to be interested in this area… »


Collaboration with major centers of expertise :

Major institutes collaborate with our specialized team, while recognizing our disruptive approach with traditional methods of expertise.


Pascal Cotte’s discoveries

  • Mona Lisa :
    Joconde analysé par Pascal Cotte

    Mona Lisa

    The most famous Leonardo da Vinci’s painting in the world exhibited at the Louvre.
    Lots of discoveries with the digital analysis of the iconic painting.
    Find out how scanning under protection works.
    See the study




  • Lady with an Ermine
    Dame à Hermine analysé par Pascal Cotte

    Lady with an Ermine

    The most significant example … because scientific analysis has unambiguously proven the author of this artwork.






  • Belle Princesse analysé par Pascal Cotte width=

    Bella Principessa

    La Bella Principessa






  • La Belle Ferronière


Videos about Pascal Cotte

Télématin reportage (France 2) in the premises of the Bologna University (Italy).

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