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This book “Lumiere on The Lady with an Ermine” is the first to examine in depth the painting technique of Leonardo da Vinci and reveals the secrets of the creation of his paintings. One key to this work is the unprecedented discovery of a true small ermine hidden beneath the visible animal that we see today.
We also discover that the first intention of the Master was to paint a classic portrait, without any animal. Probably at the instigation of the Duke of Milan, Leonardo may have altered its composition and later added an ermine then unsatisfied transformed it again.
Is it not strange that in 1493 the first poem that describes this portrait does not mention the ermine, as this is an important element. This book provides an answer.
Thanks to a revolutionary new technique, Pascal Cotte is able to analyse layer by layer all the superpositions of the brushstrokes. It is thus possible to reconstruct the whole story, all its genesis. From plank of wood, through all superimposed layers to the final appearance. Everything is analyzed rigorously and methodically.
It also enables to reveal important details about the construction of the painting, the wanderings of the painter, his hesitations, his errors and changes. With pedagogy and respect for the reader, Pascal Cotte takes us on a tour quite exciting with simple and clear explanations.
All these findings were previously invisible with traditional equipement of laboratories of museums. The author uses a new scientific method of analysis of pictorial works he invented and named L.A.M. for Layer Amplification Method. The book is available on, .fr, .de, .it

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