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Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna (Unibo) is the oldest, the biggest University of Europe and the most reputed of Italy.
Unibo is often considered as the oldest university of the world.
It is also, the first university recognized by the Pope.

  • 100 000 students
  • 3 000 teachers
Agreement with Unibo

Our Laboratory has a Cultural Agreement with the Department of Cultural Property Analysis.

The agreement covers :

  • Research on multispectral imaging domain
  • Development of new technologies in artistic diagnosis domain
  • Development of methodological protocols
  • Authentication of polychrome artistic artworks
  • Analysis of easel paintings
  • The murals are also digitized in very high resolution by our equipment

Contract N.80/2019 PROT.N.1323 from the 09/09/2019.


Alma Mater Studiorum

Dr Chiara Matteucci

Dr Chiara Matteucci

Technical Manager : Dr. Chiara Matteucci
Email : chiara.matteucci@unibo.it
Telephone : +39 0544 936759‬


Provision of instruments by Lumiere Technology

  • Multispectral camera
  • X Rays scanner


Multispectral Camera

La caméra multispectrale numérisant une œuvre du Guerchin (église de Cento – Italie

Multispectral camera digitizing a Guerchin artwork (Cento church – Italy)

Our multispectral camera is available within UNIBO Alma Matter laboratory.

However, it is possible to digitize artworks on the site, like murals.

Or for non-transportable paintings.


X Rays scanner

Scanner Rayon X grand format

Large format X rays scanner

Our large format X rays scanner.

The scanner digitizes artworks until 1,5 m x 1,5 in once, and 3 m x 1,5 m.

We double the resolution with a second pass. Which is allows a 600 dpi resolution.

Adjustable energy levels for better readability from 20 keV to 75 keV. From 2 to 17 mW.

Joue de la Belle Princesse (scan aux Rayon X)

La Bella Principessa cheek (X rays scan)


Access map to laboratory for artworks diagnosis (Unibo)

Dipartimento Di Beni Culturali – Laboratorio Diagnostico
Vicolo degli Ariani, 1 – 48121 Ravenna RA – Italie


Alma Mater Studiorum - Université de Bologne

Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.
(Source: Google Maps)

De gauche à droite : Martina Cataldo, Flavia Fiorillo, Barabara Ghelfi, Ivan Piotre, Pascal Cotte, Chiara Matteucci, Pasquale Stenta (au fond), Salvatore Apicella, Gaia Tarantola

From the left to the right : Martina Cataldo, Flavia Fiorillo, Barabara Ghelfi, Ivan Piotre, Pascal Cotte, Chiara Matteucci, Pasquale Stenta (in the back), Salvatore Apicella, Gaia Tarantola

Equipe Unibo pose devant oeuvres murales du Guerchin au Palais Provincial de Cento

Provincial Palace of Cento
(Guerchin murals)
Lumiere Technology collaborators, permanent members of the laboratory of the Department of Cultural Property Analysis and students of the University of Bologna.


Laboratory instruments

Investigation techniques
  • Photographic documentation in the visible
  • Taking pictures
  • Grazing light and reflectance transformation imaging (RTI)
Multispectral imaging techniques
  • Infrared shooting
  • Fake infrared color (IRFC)
  • UV fluorescence (UVF) and reflected UV (UVR)
Ad hoc techniques for in situ investigations
  • Visible reflectance spectrophotometry (VIS-RS) and colorimetry
  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy – Portable system (EDS-XRF)
  • X-Raman (integrated XRF and Raman analysis system)
Laboratory techniques
  • MO : Optical microscopy
  • MO-POL : Polarised optical microscopy
  • SEM-EDS : Scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR)
  • Raman microscopy (m-Raman)
  • X Powder Diffractometer (XRPD)
  • Thermal analysis (TGA – DTA)
Details and descriptions

• https://site.unibo.it/laboratorio-diagnostico-dbc/it/strumentazioni/strumentazioni


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