A new world for  History of Art

  • This multispectral camera has been developed within the framework of the European project CRISATEL :  ten partners from European Countries working with Lumiere Technology Researches,

      • The National Gallery,

      • The Researches Center of French Museums at the Louvre,

      • Paris VI Jussieu University,

      • Pebeo etc.

  • Museums everywhere conserve a large number of cultural treasures.

      • They are unique and reflect our common history and represent a step in the evolution of Art.

      • Museum laboratories have a duty to acquire scientific knowledge by means of examination and analysis and needs technologies to preserve the works-of-art material life.

  • These techniques are now IT based, such as digitisation, image processing, data management and data protection.

  • These new information Technologies are able to disseminate more strongly the diffusion of culture to people wich are directly and not directly concerned by Museums and their works
    of Art.

  • This project has  developed equipment for the direct fast capture of paintings, with a new ultra-high definition multi-spectral scanner (ultraviolet to infrared) with an homogeneous lighting system.

  • Software has been developed used a new color chart and illumination correction to calibrated multi-spectral images.

  • Research has been conducted into spectrometric analysis of varnish layers to allow the effect of an aged varnish to be substracted from an image of a painting.

  • Large format, color-accurate prints  assist in the restoration of paintings and be of use in exhibitions as surrogates for fragile works of art.

  • Studies will be made of the long-term durability of storage media and of archiving techniques around this idea of Pigment Library.

of our heritage is our future

  • It is essential that the world’s art heritage be safeguarded by means of digital scanning to ensure its availability for future generations.

  • It is essential that this process take advantage of the latest cutting edge technologies to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy possible.

  • Qualitatively, everything done so far seems limitated.

  • Lumiere Technology brings innovation and startling new technology together in a new system of tools to respond to the needs of the art world.

  • Our field of expertise is technology, culture, and the Arts.

  • A worthwhile project.


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