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How to digitize a Collection ?


Depends of the formats and of the number of art or pictorial works to digitize.

      • one day of setting and calibration per camera on site.
      • 40 to 70 minutes by scan.
      •  1 at 2 hours for image processing per canvas to be reconstructed.

    On site

      • 2 or 5 cameras in two teams.
      • On four formats different according to the sizes of the canvas
      • 20 to 40 canvas a day.
      • 9 Gigas of data by scan work. 22 GBytes generated for resizing etc.
      • Result: 1.6 Mega for Color (average of the size of the work reconstituted between 100 and 300 DPI.)
      • 450 Mega / field generated for study: IR/UV/ Maps from 6 to 10 canvas per day and camera.



Datas reconstruction or on site or in Lumiere Technology Office

  • Delay of delivery: depends on the number of  scans < 1 months

  • Delivered on hard disk with (option) X individual cartridges flash 5 Gigas, with an index,  IR, False Color IR

  • Option,  a map of the cracks, un-varnish version, a pigment reference table connected to Data basis LT .  V1

  • Option, ektas transparency.
    In option digital printing with water-marked

  • Option, process of security of the pixels,

  • In option separation of colors and color management for printing, flashing film process and colorimetric table for correspondence ink and paper.

  • Option,offset printing copy

  • Option, carbon printing (pure pigment on gelatin) unique, hand made, 15 days per print.

  • Option, IR platinium printing copy  hand made by printers associate partner of Lumiere  Technology .