A new standard for fine art digitization

 A new revolution   

    • The advent of multispectral scanning and digitizing technologies will bring dramatic changes to the world of art printing and publishing.
    • The digitalization of the process will mean;
      • The laps of the CMLN printing system with its RGB base.
      • The end of traditional LAB color management processing.
      • The beginning of printing techniques built on new inks and processes designed to create true color matches.
      • The creation  of new ink and paper products to ensure the maximum fidelity in the duplication of Lumiere Technology imagery for high quality printing.


    • As Dolby™ has become the standard for excellence in the world of sound, Lumiere Technology will be recognized as the best  by professionals in the industries of ink, paper, and printer manufacturing.
    • Lumiere Technology will also move into next generation scanning devices as professionals and the general public seek true color printing, further strengthening recognition of the brand.
      • Consortium for the Future

        Lumiere Technology will lead efforts

        to bring together leading players in the fields of:

        • art management and restoration;
        • Fine art collectors’ associations;
        • Fine arts education;
        • ink and paper manufacturing;
        • printing and publishing;
        • museum store retailers;
        • professional and consumer electronics;
        • art authentication laboratories;
        • insurance companies,
        • INTERPOL;
        • UNESCO and other national art and cultural institutions

        To work to improve further the technical and qualitative levels in their respective fields in the heritage arts:

        • Analysis
        • Restoration
        • Reproduction
        • Diffusion via publication and internet
        • Commercialization
        • Identification
        • Authentication
        • Certification
        • Protection