What is our Mission?

    • To generate and sell information obtained by high definition multispectral scanning using our patented hardware, software, camera and lighting.
    • To provide an exact scientific measurement of each pixel, creating an identical match of the original, instead of an approximate representation.
    • To give with this cutting edge system, powerful new tools to art curators in the analysis, restoration, identification, authentication, and reproduction of great works of art.


  What a new technology can :

  • Create of a new standard for the digitization of heritage arts. Building on scientific measurements - not simple RGB representations.
  • Develop new revenue streams for art institutions with the publication of high quality collectorís edition books and museum store products, including posters and DVDís using Lumiere digital technology.
  • Bring  new revenue streams built on true color match for renowned painters, e.g., Monetís color pallet for fashion designers, textile or tableware manufacturers.
  • Deliver a new way for teaching the History of Art.