of the Multispectral Scanning:

With the information from our exclusive multispectral scanning, Lumiere Technology’s patented software allows us to achieve the following: 

Reconstitute the painting in digitized format, identical to the original in terms of color and precision, based on ultra violet to infrared readings, with exact scientific accuracy.

240 millions true pixels !
240 millions mesurements of each pigments used by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Study the painting  from every angle with an acuity never before realized, and to fix at that moment the exact state of the painting  by its exceptional sensitivity in Infrared Range..

Examine restoration projects by simulating the proposed work, without touching the painting, removing virtualy the varnish based on scientific process.

This would allow experts to study, debate, and review plans and even visualize potential results before any intervention.

Establish a “map” of the paint and varnish cracks of the canvas, helping determine risks in any possible transport of the artwork, as well as creating a useful tool in identification of the original in case of damage or theft.

Establish the exact chromatic pallet of the painter, enabling any restoration work to proceed with pigments matching the true colors to a degree never before possible.

Compare the canvas with another painting by the same artist, giving experts a whole new range of information to determine identification or make technical comparisons.


Provide the tools bringing a whole new level of accuracy and beauty to art reproduction. By analyzing the digital images layer by layer, and with new color management techniques made possible by the multispectral scanning data, the level of color accuracy using current techniques rises from 55 percent to 95 percent with Lumiere Technology.

Permits for the first time, with this extremely high level of accuracy, a new standard of excellence for art reproductions and printing.