Around Mona Lisa Scan

Digitizing Mona Lisa with Lumiere Technology  

    • Last October 2004 Lumiere had the rare privilege to digitize Leonardo Da Vinci’s “world masterpiece” the Mona Lisa at the Research Center of the French Museums  downstairs the Louvre in Paris.

    • We photographed her with our camera, making 13 passes of light over the painting, and capturing the following information:

      • 13 digital files of 450 Megabytes each
      • 6 Gigabytes of datas



How we proceeded for digitizing Mona Lisa

    Welcome to the Research & Restoration Lab of the French Museums  
    at the Louvre with Lumiere Technology

    The Multispectral Jumboscan 13 bands   -  The  filters and CCD sensor - Details  of the 13 filters

    The white settings

    The color  settings  and the arrival of Mona Lisa

    How  Lumiere Technology Team with Pascal Cotte have proceeded to scan  Mona Lisa

    The Mona Lisa scan

13 measurements from UV to IR,before reconstruction of the image at 240 Millions true pixels