Multispectral Digitization   

An Opportunity for the world of Fine Arts
to digitize Private & Public Collections…

Everyone wants to digitize the world, but, in the world of art and archives, Lumiere Technology is the only one who resolves the 2 main difficulties for HD digitization:  large format and color certification.

Lumiere cutting edge tools digitize Paintings, Photographs, Frescos, Archives and Maps, with more information based on exact measurements, greater accuracy, greater potential for commercialization, publishing, restoration, analysis, identification, etc. as a "new digital curator"...


What's new about Digitization ?

    • Since 1989, Lumiere Technology has manufactured high definition cameras, starting from CCDs sensor used for satellite vision like SPOT that photographs the earth from space with very high resolution and definition.
    • These cameras adapted with specific and patented lighting and filter systems digitize cultural heritage materials such as fine art, manuscripts and archives with the most precise resolution in the world, 240 to 360 million pixels, to achieve very high definition images.
    • That was the first major difficulty in digitizing resolved by Lumiere:  digitization of  large formats with it’s RGB (3 colors) and GIS (Geographical Information System under 30 microns)  Jumboscan and Jumbolux patended systems.
    • The second one was to guarantee the color of digitized original paintings, frescos and pictural artworks.
    • Thanks to a new patented innovation - 13 channel multispectral image capture capability -  the camera scans by analyzing the temperature of the light on each pigment and finding the true color of each pixel on a canvas, then restoring it  with the identical one.
    • Before this innovation, reproductions were only RGB representations with a limited color gamut.
    • Now each digitized pixel is an exact measurement able to restore and reproduce this true information.

    • A process without equivalent in the world.