Multispectral Fine Arts

Issue  from Lumiere Technology know-how in digital RGB and GIS capture images recognized as the most precise in the world, the multispectral technology benefited from an investment in research and development of about 3 M €uros over the 5 last years.

Used by Lumiere Team at

The New York Historical Society,
The National Gallery, London, England
The C2RMF, French Museums Research & Restoration Center
in  the Louvre Museum, Paris, France,

The Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY USA (Pr.Roy Berns Dpt)
The French Museums of Cherbourg, Troyes, La Rochelle, and Albi,  

and now at the First Multispectral Digitizing Center for Fine Arts in Paris
and soon  around the world to scan Public and Private Collections at
a level of accuracy never obtained before.

Have a look on some samples now on line.!


It allowed the edition “the portfolio of Jean James Audubon”, to be published
in April 2005, with a fidelity of colors and exceptional definition. First work
of a long partnership in the edition of art with the editors.

In 2004-2005, we have scanned 200 canvas of the French National Collections, and several dozen paintings from private collections, like: Fragonard, Renoir, Chagall, Rubens, Courbet ...

New York Historical Society        

Lumiere Technology scanned  40 original watercolors from John James Audubon at the New York Historical Society for its famous edition of Birds of America, re-edited by Pascal JeanJean  in an exceptional  Audubon Portfolio

the famous watercolor "Pink Flamingo" scanned by Lumiere


French Museums Research
and Restoration Center in the Louvre 

Some Master Art Pieces of French Museums scanned by Lumiere

the scan of MONA LISA from Leonardo Da Vinci

The scan of a "baigneuse" from P.A. Renoir

The scan of a "baigneuse" from P.A. Renoir



 Private collections      


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To have an idea of the power of our scan and how we can deliver on line such image available today just on PC with Explorer, not on Mac Apple.

You just have to click on the activx that your browser will install, then click on left for zooming, on right for un-zooming, you can also scroll on the image . .

The first illustration of 2 exceptional technologies...

The painting is  a pannel on wood , Italian, Quattocento,. We show  with the same accuracy, Orignal Colors, Infrared False Colors with all the restorations, and Infra Red 900 nonomerters.
France, Private Collection.

Since November 2005, Lumiere scans paintings for Art Foundations and Private Collections, in the  first  Multispectral Digitizating Center in Europe, based in Central Paris to demonstrate the potential of our technology before deploying our new service directly to  museums and collections early March 2006.








click on this image!  Only for PC & Explorer user.
This pastel  is the first pastel drawn by Ducreux when he came to the Austrian court to make the first portrait of the Austria Infante Marie Antoinette, on request of the King of France, as fiancee of the Dauphin Louis Auguste,
future Louis XVI.  
The Infrared 900 nanometers reveals a portrait originally different, as the young Infante probably was.
France, Private Collection.


click on this image!  Only for PC & Explorer user.
This painting  is a flemish pannel  on wood describing the story of Nabuccodonosor, King of Babylon.

By zooming in the painting, you can see lots of details, and perhaps, clicking in the body of the king you will identify an inscription that the Infrared 900 will give you.  

France, Private Collection.



  National Gallery        

Portrait of Rembrandt scanned by Lumiere at the National Gallery in London, UK.