the Western Michigan University

the French Maping cadaster

and other Geographical Archives Centers in Europe, we have delivered and installed  the most precise GIS Systems in the world.  Millions of maps were scanned since 5 years with the highest definition and unmatched maximum geometric distortion  !

  Western Michigan university  

Lumiere Technology has delivered and installed  2 GIS and 1 RGB Jumboscan systems at the   W.E. Upjohn Center (Western Michigan Universit, Kalamazoo, Michigan), for the study of Geographical Change, to scan 5 millions maps at 500 dpi with very high definition and maximum geometric distortion of 12 microns.(0,012 mm) !

French Mapping  

The  DGI (French Finance Minister) selected Jumboscan to digitize the entire French Property Register (Map scanning project)  to allow citizen access the major database on the internet

This project involved 4 Jumboscans with a overall production of 2,000 maps per day.

1 million maps were scanned in 18 months !
at very high definition and maximum geometric distortion of 33 microns.(0,033 mm)



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