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Technical Specifications

Sensor A 12 000 pixel CCD chip of 6.5 square microns
The scan Mechanical of very high  precision (1 micron). In color in 3 or 13 pass. RGB or Multispectral.
Maximum number of lines 20 000 lines
Intermediary resolutions From 20 000 to 1 200 lines
Scan format From A5 to Infinity
DPI In Color, from 1 800 dpi for an A5 to 150 dpi for a 5 x 2 meters. Double dpi in B&W
Adjustments (software) Brightness, contrast, gain, parity, PRNU, gamma,exposure, focus.
Maximum scan speed 22 sec. for grayscale for maximum resolution.
70 sec. for color for maximum resolution.
Pre-Scan 2 sec.
Originals Books, registers,plans, pictures, posters, road and other maps, banners, frescos, artworks, slides, transparencies, objects of almost any size!
Dynamic Analysis 1 bit in black and white, 4 and 10 bits in grey scale, 12 and 30 bits in color.
Filters RGB, precision dichroic, 96% transmission, front < 7nm.
Repeats More than 100,000 copies.
Lenses High precision for reproduction, apochromatic.
Optical aberrations At a resolution of 10,000 lines, an absence of tangential and longitudenal
aberration over the entire image.
At a resolution of 30,000 lines, an absence of tangential and longitudenal
aberration over 75% of the image and less than 1/15000 for the remainder
of the image.
Geometric distortion An average quadratic error of 0.05 mm. for 1 mm., or 0.005%. fot the GIS model
Apertures From f/4.0 to f/22.......recommended at f/8.
Focal lengths 120 mm., 135 mm., 150 mm., 80 mm., 105 mm., 210 mm.
Focus Via a linear actuator, precise to 2/100 mm.
Lens Extension 100 mm.
Length of cable connections. 30 m. maximum.
Power Supply 24 volts, 7 amps.
Weight 16 Kg.
Size 40 cm. x 34 cm. x 20 cm.
Operation Temperature From 10C. to 40C.
Relative humidity To 90% without condensation.
Command Module PCI card, 33 MHz., LVDS connection.
Recommanded configuration Apple Macintosh G5, OS 10.4, 2 Gb. RAM, 250 Gb. hard disk, 21" screen.
Recommanded lightning Compact HQI metal halide lamp.

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