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    All JumboScan components are warranted as follows.


    The camera is warranted for one calendar year following acceptance.

    Other Components

    All other components are warranted for 90 days following acceptance.  Lumiere Technology System Service Technicians will perform telephone, computer-connection and on-site service as required or specified.

    Hardware and Software
    Maintenance Support

    Lumiere Technology’s Support Division is staffed with Lumiere-certified Service Technicians, to perform installation, calibration, acceptance testing, training and maintenance for JumboScan purchasers throughout the Americas on an annual contract or per-call basis.  Lumiere maintains a stock of JumboScan components – available by direct, next or second day delivery and logs service incidents into Lumiere’s Customer Assurance Reporting System (CARE) to ensure/track responsiveness, ability to resolve problems and to develop statistics about functional and technical problems. 

    Lumiere’s remedial and preventative maintenance plans are designed to ensure customers will experience maximum uptime for JumboScan System installations during their normal business hours, excluding holidays.  Time and materials maintenance services will be provided outside the principal period of maintenance (PPM).

    Spare/Replacement Part Availability

    Lumiere will maintain an inventory of spare/replacement parts for the proposed JumboScan System.  Lumiere also will maintain all software provided, including versions, releases, updates, modifications, revisions patches and error corrections (not including PhotoShop CS and Macintosh software).  Replacement of the JumboScan Camera and/or JumboLux Lights will be done by a Lumiere Service Technician who will travel to the site.

    Preventative Maintenance Plans

    Lumiere recommends customers perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance to keep their JumboScan in optimized condition.  A recommended Periodic Maintenance Guide is available upon request.

    Acquiring and Installing Field Engineering Changes

    Lumiere will maintain an Engineering Change Tracking System (ENCHANGE) to track all pertinent events related to hardware updates and software versions, revisions, releases, updates and modifications to the JumboScan System.  

    In the event of calibration, operating or maintenance issues, Lumiere will utilize customer-submitted log files and optionally software equivalent to PC Anywhere or Web-Ex to determine the problem and avenues towards resolution.

    Movement of Equipment

    Selling price includes one-time setup and calibration of the JumboScan.  If the system is to be moved to another location, under separate contract, Lumiere will remove, relocate and reinstall the system.  Customers must assume any required rigging, transport, electrical and insurance charges. 

    This website does not contain any contractual terms. Specifications and functionality  mentioned in this document are subject to change. Jumboscan and Jumbolux are registered trademarks by Lumiere Technology LT2 S.A.S.