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    Installation and training



    The following documentation will be provided in English and (optionally) French for users to confidently perform all functions:

    • MacIntosh Operating & Troubleshooting Manuals
    • JumboScan™ System Operating and Maintenance Manuals
    • Book Handling System Operating and Maintenance Manuals
    • Light Box Module Operating and Maintenance Manuals
    • Vacuum Easel Operating and Troubleshooting Manuals


    The User Operating Manual’s high-level table of contents includes:

    1. Installation
    2. Introduction to PhotoShop Plug-in Windows
    3. Scanner Operation
      • Prescan (Image Preview)
      • Prescan Tools
      • Cropping the Scanned Image
      • Focus Tool
      • Resolution
      • Calibrating Gray Levels
      • Calibrating Color Space
      • Choosing Scan Depth
      • Managing Settings
      • Operating the Multipurpose Module
      • Scanning Procedures
    4. Advanced Settings
      • Color Contrast and Correction
      • Post-Scan Processing
      • Gamma
      • Preferences
      • Layers
      • Mixing Layers
      • Calibration of JumboLux™ Lights
    5. System Maintenance and Support



    Depending on system ordered, factory-trained and certified staff will perform JumboScan™ setup, installation and calibration over a two (2) – four (4) day time period at the customer’s site.


    Course Summary

    Following system installation and calibration, Lumiere Technology provides a three (3) day training course to a maximum ten (10) students per site. Training will be provided by certified instructors with the assumption that students are well-versed in basic photographic, color, light and resolution theory as well as McIntosh and PhotoShop 

    At course conclusion, students will confidently and knowledgeably operate all hardware and software elements, understand how to troubleshoot and how to interface with Lumiere Technology’s Technical Support to run diagnostics. 

    The morning of Day Three is customizable to enable students to scan typical and unusual materials – while the instructors are present to guide them into confident operation.

    Course Syllabus

    Subject to system ordered and customer requirements, a high level outline of the syllabus follows: 

    Day One

    System Operation and System Management Procedures 

    Day Two

    Scanning Reflective Materials and Scanning Transparent Films 

    Day Three

    Operator HandsOn Scanning, Troubleshooting and Routine Maintenance

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