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    Ambient Temperature

    50 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees to 40 degrees Centigrade). 

    Relative Humidity

    90% with no condensation


    The following applies to the JumboScan camera that is mounted on a fixed bracket or moveable arm connected to a column, a ceiling/wall mount or a tripod. 


    22 kg (48 pounds) 


    H=465mm, L=360mm, D=250mm 

    Scanner Interface

    LVDS Ultra speed connection, Special PCI interface


    JumboScan Camera

    Provide one (1) dedicated 110v, 20A circuit for USA

    JumboLux Lights

    Provide two (2) dedicated 208V, 20A circuits USA

    MacIntosh Computer

    Provide one (1) dedicated 110V, 20A circuit and a battery backup. USA

    Book Handling System

    Provide one (1) dedicated 110V, 20A circuit and step-up transformer to power the pneumatic console and vacuum pump.

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