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    Computer and Software



    The fastest system on the market, with a transfer rate of 280 Mb. per second.

    JUMBOSCAN is delivered with a PCI card. This card undertakes the DMA (direct memory access) in your computer. The cables linking the camera to the workstation can be up to 30 metres long, thus freeing access to all components of the system.

    Developed to ensure 10 million scans without failure

    JUMBOSCAN is an "intelligent" camera with its own microprocessor, memory and software to enable it to work in conjunction with the computer.

    JUMBOSCAN also controls the changes in the color filters, resets, the gradient of acceleration and deceleration of the sensor, the gain, the contrast, the luminosity and the sum of the mechanical and electrical parameters.
    Mac or PC workstation can thus be employed solely for post-capture image processing. Image capture takes place as a constant stream via DMA (direct memory access).
    An ingenious construction enables the analogue to digital conversion to be made by eliminating any disparities at each exit of the sensor.
    All components are "oversized" and selected to ensure 10 million scans without failure!


    The JumboScan connects to a dedicated MacIntosh Power Mac G5.

    The MacIntosh may be optionally placed up to 90 feet from the camera via an up to 90-foot long cable.  When scanning fine art in museum galleries, this flexibility enables the computer to remain stationary while the camera and lights are moved from painting to painting.


    All JumboScan functions are governed by Adobe PhotoShop CS 1 and PhotoShop Plug-in software that resides on a MacIntosh G5 computer.  Adobe Photoshop is so user-friendly and capable that it has become the most widely used photographic software in the world.

    The MacIntosh OS X operating system provides easy and intuitive access through the Lumiere Photoshop plug-in to the host computer and all software that controls calibration, prescan, scan and post-scan processing.  

    Typically, the MacIntosh computer, keyboard, mouse and display monitor are placed on a 27-30 inch high table where the operator (sitting in a desk chair) can interact with software, scanner and operator controls without fatigue.  In some JumboScan installations, the MacIntosh computer, keyboard, mouse and display monitor have been placed on a 36-38 inch high table to minimize operator fatigue resulting from repetitive sitting down (e.g., to operate the computer) and standing up (e.g. to place materials onto the scannerís copyboard.

    An informative video of JumboScan timed scanning operation is available at:


    A PhotoShop Plug-in enables operators to perform standard PhotoShop and scanner control functions as listed below:

    • Increase or Reduce Colors
    • Alter Brightness and Contrast
    • Analyze and Change Color Characteristics
    • Eyedropper control of RGB
    • White and Color Correction
    • Unsharp Mask (accentuate pixels to sharpen picture)
    • Calibration of separate R, G, & B values
    • Focus (adjustable to 1/400th of an inch)
    • Define gamma curves
    • Image Rotation
    • Eye Dropper
    • Crop
    • Multicrop
    • Adjustments to scan speed determined by light available.
    • Automatic white balance.
    • Automatic, comparative or manual focusing.
    • Real-time viewing of histograms.
    • Definable gamma curves.
    • Definable accentuation.
    • Calibration of the uniformity of the lighting (exclusive to JumboScan).
    • A special function in black and white only, permitting the resolution of the camera to be split, thus giving 40,000 x 24,000 pixels (exclusive to Jumboscan).
    • A dynamic image threshold in black and white (automatic search of the black and white for each pixel).
    • Adjustment possibilities for the foot release (used when scanning large numbers of documents).
    • Parameters to be saved; project management

      A PhotoShop Plug-in tool enables operators to reduce colors from 16 million to 256 by saving the raw TIFF as a GIF, then selecting different palette positions such as:
      Perceptive: Transform colors to keep a similar image
      Selective: Transform selective colors
      Adaptive: Reduced colorscale and narrow spectrum

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