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                             Scanning Modes

    Normal Sized Documents

    Fixed Copyboard

    The JumboScan Camera is mounted on an arm connected to the column.  Under operator control the camera can be raised and lowered on the column to ensure  the arm [front to back] to ensure the lens axis is always centered over the center of the object being scanned.   Operators use the two-second Prescan mode to validate image alignment.  In addition, this feature enables the camera to align with books scanned using the 90/120 degree Book Cradle and the 180 degree Book Cradle. 

    The Transparency Module may be placed on the Fixed Copyboard to accommodate scanning of transparent documents.  Optional modules are available to enable scanning of very heavy, thick oversized volumes (e.g., 10 inch thick, 2 feet high by 7 feet long and weighing 60 pounds). 

    The Vacuum Easel may be placed on the Fixed Copyboard to accommodate scanning of fragile reflective documents. 

    The Light Box may be placed on the Fixed Copyboard to accommodate scanning of very small transparent documents. 

    Book Handling System

    The Fixed Copyboard is replaced by the Book Handling System to enable scanning of very fragile reflective materials and large transparent materials under air-pneumatic control.  Flat objects and bound volumes can be pressed up under optically-clear glass at operator-selectable pressure.

    Oversized Documents

    There are two ways to accomplish oversized scanning of objects up to 6.56 feet by 16.40 feet: 

    Fixed Mount

    The JumboScan Camera is hung from a ceiling mount so it is suspended up to 13 feet from reflective materials laid on the floor or other flat surface.  The JumboLux™ lights are also hung from ceiling mounts.  The two (2) second pre-scan time never changes – regardless of object size and camera-to-object distance. 

    Portable Mount

    The JumboScan Camera may be dismounted from its column, ceiling or wall bracket and placed on a tripod or monopod to enable scanning of materials hung on walls or placed on easels.  The JumboScan™ Camera can be placed almost 13 feet from the wall to scan reflective materials on site (without having to remove framed fine art from walls).  Museums typically will mount fine art in a moveable frame so that the front and back (to validate lining) can be scanned for authentication and provenance.

    Prescan and Scanning Speed

    The JumboScan is capable of producing scans at fast prescan and scan times; up to ten times faster over other approaches that use cold fluorescent lighting (that has color space gaps) or Bayer filters (that require post-scan interpolation). 

    Prescan Speed

    Two (2) seconds

    Scan Speed

    Typically, an A0 (E size) reflective document may be scanned at 300 DPI in less than 7 seconds (Bitonal and Grayscale) and in less than 23 seconds (3-channel RGB). 

    Typically, an A2 (C size) reflective document may be scanned at 200 DPI in less than 4 seconds (Bitonal and Grayscale) and in less than 13 seconds (3-channel RGB).

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