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      Projection System  

      JumboLux is
       synchronized dynamic projection lighting system that has two banks of elliptic HQI 5400K (daylight balanced) lights to illuminate the object in synchronization with the 12,000-pixel CCD array.  During each sweep, an average 58,000-lumen three-inch wide band of light is projected across the width of the object to provide momentary illumination.

      The JumboLux lighting system consists of two self-calibrating freestanding projectors (elliptical mirrors) having HQI (metal halogen) lamps that emit a continuous, homogenous light spectrum emission.  The projectors straddle the scanner’s copyboard or may be adjusted to any height or any angle to scan objects on easels, walls, floors and ceilings to enable high quality scans with no electronic noise or reflective problems caused by light diffraction and reflection off of the scanned materials such as glossy surface mylars and gilded art. 

      Using camera-controlled stepper motors synchronized with the 240 megapixel, 12,000 CCD array, the elliptical mirrors concurrently project a 3-inch wide light beam that sweeps across the document for every channel scanned (e.g., 1 channel for bitonal and grayscale and 3 channels for RGB color). 

      JumboLux synchronized projectors are portable and may be oriented as follows to illuminate objects as they are scanned:

      • Vertical: to scan objects placed on a Copyboard, Transparency Module or the Multipurpose Module
      • Vertical : to scan carpets lying on floors
      • Horizontal : to scan art, long drawings/maps/wallpaper hanging on walls
      • Horizontal or 45°: to  scan fine art placed on easels
        A video of the JumboLux
        synchronized lighting system in operation may be seen here.  





      The JumboLux lighting system uses a total of 8 OSRAM Powerstar HQI-TS 150 WD (“D” for daylight color temperature) lamps for the two elliptic projectors.  Although official lamp life is rated at 20,000 hours, we recommend the entire set be changed after 10,000 hours to ensure consistent color temperature.  Camera operators can easily change the entire set of bulbs in 10 minutes after allowing them to cool. 

      Lamp life is lessened when the projectors are oriented at 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

      Compact HQI metal halide lamp! 

      5000 degree K. guarantee !

      Especially conceived to preserve integrity of your historical and fragile documents and archives.

      Heat Exposure


      Since only a three-inch slice (e.g., not all) of the object is illuminated at a given time, the culmination of the single or multiple sweeps exposes objects to minimal light (e.g., maximum 2 seconds during a one-sweep Bitonal/grayscale scan or maximum 6 seconds during a three-sweep RGB scan).  Exposure to momentary light eliminates the potential for fading or degrading light-sensitive watercolors and chemical-based paper drawings (e.g., blueprints and bluelines) and limits surface temperature increases to a maximum 1 degree (Centigrade or Fahrenheit) to avoid could fading or damaging archival documents and adversely affecting their preservation.


      Refraction and Reflection


      The JumboLux™ homogenous light eliminates refraction from shiny-surfaced objects and reflection from gilded (e.g., gold, silver and copper plated surfaces).  Special filters block ‘bad’ UV light and limit surface temperature rise to less than one degree Centigrade  or Fahrenheit.


      UV Output


      All “bad” UV is blocked to avoid damaging sensitive originals.  Bad UV output is zero µW/cm2 for UV-B range (220-320 nm) and UV-A range (320-380 nm).  UV output is 64 µW/cm2 range (380-400 nm - lower visible blue).


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