Unique Capabilities  


    • Uses 12,000 pixel monolinear CCD x 20,000 lines (equal to 240 megapixel camera) and 95% (light) transmissive dichroic filters to scan reflective, transparent and three-dimensional materials at up to 8,000 DPI with no geometric distortion.  Presets at 20,000, 10,000, 6,600, 5,000 and 2,000 lines.
    • Very fast prescan time (2 seconds regardless of object size or orientation).
    • Accurate color and wide color gamut (380nm 1,050nm) no color gaps.
    • Large depth of field (from 0,08 in. up to 57.92 in.).
    • Runs on a MacIntosh G5 and Photoshop CS to scan in 12 bits for B/W and grayscale, and 36 bits for RGB color and outputS IBM compatible 8 bit or 16 bit files as TIFF, JPEG, PNG and PDF.
    • Outputs grayscale images directly no interpolation required from color scan.
    • Resolution of Bitonal images can be doubled.
    • Very fast scans of reflective materials sized: postage stamp up to 6.5 ft. x 16.4 ft.  For example, uses 150mm lens to scan E size document at 300 DPI in 7 seconds (Bitonal and grayscale) or 23 seconds (RGB color).
    • Scans transparent materials sized from slide transparency up to 22 in. x 34 in.
    • Camera can be mounted on column, wall/ ceiling bracket or tripod to scan materials in any orientation on copyboard, book cradle, wall, floor and ceiling.
    • Two, self-calibrating, multi-positional light projectors use HQI (5,400K) lamps that momentarily emit 58,000 lumen narrow band of homogenous light onto objects with very low total light energy (lux per hour) to avoid refraction from shiny surfaces, completely block UV-B light and achieve less than 1 degree heat rise on object.
    • Uses interchangeable modules including air pneumatic book handling system (press objects up under glass), articulated book cradle, transparency module for medium to large transparencies and light box for small transparencies.


           Image sizes you can rely on !

      240 Mb

      in grayscale

      8 bits

      450 Mb

      in grayscale

      16 bits

      680 Mb


      24 bits

      1.35 Gb


      30 bits

      2.7 Gb

      hexachromy color

      60 bits

      5.9 Gb

      multispectral color

      208 bits
      13 filters



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