Founders & Team

    Pascal  COTTE  


    As optical engineer, Mr Cotte is the inventor of the first multispectral high definition camera and his revolutionary lighting allowing the conservation of  digitized documents. 

    He digitized “Mona Lisa” in October 2004 with exceptional details and accuracy of colors never obtained before.  He contributed to the success of the European project CRISATEL to create a new standard of digitization of  national cultural heritage documents and fine art.  



    Jean PENICAUT 


    Jean Penicaut has worked for 20 years in the development of many projects and new products, software and services in high-tech domains and the Internet, with inventors or entrepreneurs.

    He has  served  as a director of communication and marketing for brand names such as Jamo, Akai, Konica, Samsung and Amstrad. 

    Recently, Mr. Penicaut worked in the foundation and development of Netgem, the European webTv as vice president for the strategic project.  Since 2000, he has coached strategy for startups in which he is associated for companies such as Total Immersion, Zenops, Trivium, through his own company, based in Paris. 

    Mr. Penicaut has a Master degree in Law  from the University of Paris II Assas.


    François PEREGO

    Mr. Perego is a restorer of canvas, painter and member of the French Section of International Institute of Conservation. 

    He devides his activities between research, restoration and artistic creation. 

    This versatility brings to him solid practical and theoretical bases on materials of the painter and the graphic arts. 

    He is the author of many articles, in magazines like Science and has written “The dictionary of materials of the painters” published by  Belin, a reference work of a great scholarship :  900 pages with 500 entries, 650 illustrations, 220 photographs, 90 technical tables and hundreds of practical notes. 

    Mr. Perego creates the ”color charts” and the pigment reference databases for Lumiere Technology.