LUMIERE TECHNOLOGY was founded in 1989 by its current CTO, Mr. Pascal COTTE on a new concept : the Mini Capture Board , first "low cost" digital video scanning board  for Macintosh.  " A success story ".

    Our job is the design and realization of  data-processing products and new digitization services related to the archive, GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Art reproduction image industries : digital camera - digital video.

    LUMIERE TECHNOLOGY is the uncontested French leader of high definition digitizing cameras,
    having equipped more than 500 customers including newspapers, press groups, archives departments, mapping agencies, libraries and museums unmatched and unique technology. Our customers appreciate our systems that simplifies the digital acquisition process while image processing and formatting capabilities.

    With more than 70 high resolution installations installed through our distributors in Europe and USA in 5 years, we clearly demonstrate our flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and environments and the high reliability of our systems, that run 24 hours/day and 7 days/week are still unbeaten. Millions of documents, Maps, Pages, Prints, Photos, Papers, and now Fine Arts have been digitized with the highest definition, at the limit of the optical ressources.



Lumiere Technology has moved to a new office in Central Paris near the Orsay Museum and opened its First Multispectral Digitizing Center for Fine Arts.


2004 - Mona Lisa

Multispectral digitizing of  200 paintings in the French Museums :
in October 2004, Pascal Cotte performed the first 13 channel multispectral image capture of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting, at the Louvre in Paris.


2001 - 2004

RGB & GIS Jumboscan and Jumbolux Systems are distributed in Europe and USA.

Lumiere Technology launches the research and development of the Multispectral Jumboscan with the support of IST European Commission Program Crisatel.


Production of the first version of Jumboscan Camera.

Since vastly enhanced with Jumbolux (elliptical projection lighting system and image accuracy control)


1996 - HD Board PCI

The digitizing – realtime compression HD board was introduced as a faster, 10 bit PCI version

1993 - HD Board

Lumiere Technology had sold its digitizing – realtime compression HD (high definition) board, based on a JVC TKF6300U and predecessor of the Jumboscan Camera, to more companies and applications worldwide than JVC itself.

1992 - Carte CSC / Hermès Vision


Lumiere Technology introduced the first digitizing and realtime compression board for the Macintosh.


Lumiere Technology introduced the first color videophone for the Macintosh.

1990 - Vidéoman

Lumiere Technology introduced the first video transmission system for the  Macintosh.

1990 - Scan P.A.O.

Lumiere Technology introduced the first complete universal scanning system for the news industry. Capable to scan paper, photo objects and transparencies.
With more than 350 newspapers installed through Europe and France, it was a great success.

1989 - The MCB - Mini Capture Board

Lumiere Technology introduced the very first video camera for Macintosh at under 7,000 FF (1,000 $). More than 1,200 boards sold in France and Europe.