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Lumiere Technology's Camera and Lighting System deploy cutting edge tools and multispectral imaging to digitize artworks with more output file information based on exact measurements and greater color accuracy.

Our patented projection lighting system is coupled with our 240 - 360 megapixel camera to digitize cultural heritage materials by analyzing each pigment's temperature to determine its true color on canvas to enable output with color fidelity certification that precisely matches the original.

Today, Lumiere Technology LT2 SAS brings added value to sales of its traditional RGB (Red Green Blue)  and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Jumboscan Cameras to launch new multispectral digitizing services featuring innovative capture of significantly wider gamut information.

In 2004, Lumiere Technology used its 13-band capture to perform multispectral scans of the famous "Mona Lisa" in the Louvre Museum and John James Audubon watercolors at the New York Historical Society. In 2005, we multispectrally scanned Rembrandt, Chagall, Fragonard,  Renoir and Van Gogh fine art works from private and public collections.

Lumiere Technology  showcases its revolutionary capability to build the Art History information society for the future to:

  • Deliver solutions and services to Archives departments to digitize cultural heritage materials with the highest resolution, highest definition, largest sensor, largest scan area (2 x 5 m)(6.5x16.4 ft.) and fastest scan time cameras in the world.
  • Generate and sell information obtained by high definition multispectral scanning using our patented hardware, software, camera and lighting.
  • Enable exact scientific measurement of each pixel, creating an identical match of the original, instead of traditional approximate representation.
  • Provide powerful new tools and services to cultural heritage curators for analysis, restoration, identification, authentication and reproduction of archives and fine art.