The Multispectral Digitization of Mona Lisa at 240 M Pixels. To watch this 12 mn video, click on this image



How to make the checkup of a painting ?
Lumiere Technology presents  the multispectral high definition digitization system for Fine Arts.


Lumiere Technology's digital mastery leads the way for museums, galleries and private collectors to present their world's master-works in astonishing detail, complementing the originals knowlegde in the visible and invisible as never before

Imagine on a huge 165 cm (65 inch) plasma screen, a master-work from your collection revealed  at 240 Mega Pixels definition from UV to Infrareds and compared side by side with the original thanks to the astonishing results of its multispectral digitization !

Examples of Lumiere Technology's digitization from public and private collections could be  presented on this website from the works of Chagall, Fragonard, Audubon, Latour, Renoir, including Picasso's "La Vie",  Van Gogh's "The Roadmenders" digitized at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the 2 masterpieces
"les Vieilles" and "Les Jeunes" by Goya from the Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille, "The Escape in Egypt" by Poussin, the 2 versions of the Bedroom of Arles by Van Gogh, one at the Art Institute of Chicago the other at the Van Gogh Musem of Amsterdam, etc. Today  Lumiere Technology invites you to watch a facinating demonstration of its advanced technology, based on the  world most renowned masterpiece, DaVinci's Mona Lisa,  at the Louvre in Paris., and The Lady with an Ermine, at the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow.


Leonardo Da Vinci
Profile di  Bella Principessa , Circa 1492 Priv.Coll.

Part 1 of the Pascal Cotte's lecture at the Courtault Institute, in  London last May 7th .

Part 2 of the Pascal Cotte's lecture at the Courtault Institute, in  London last May 7th .

Watch TV Reports:

Oct. 18: According to Experts and Art historians thanks to researches made by French and Canadian team, a non-descript drawing from the 19th century can be attributed to the Renaissance painter thanks to a 500-year-old fingerprint. NBC’s Tom Aspell reports

Scientists crak another da Vinci code
NBC Sunday Nightly Report with exclusive Interview of Pr. Kemp and Pascal Cotte.
Lumiere Technology precises that the fingerprint found thanks to the Multispectral analysis on this artwork has been studied and identified as a Leonardo'da Vinci fingerprint thanks to the researches of  
Peter Paul Biro,
from  the first ever database of artist’s fingerprints he built.

abcNEWS  - Oct  17th 2009  Report on EVENING NEWS 8:00 PM

abcNEWS - Oct 17th 2009 Report on GOOD MORNING AMERICA 7:00 AM

 AFP Moderne science uncovered DaVinci

 La Bella Principessa , virtualy restored, simulation of its position in the Sforziade
of the National Library  of Poland in Varsaw.
Prof. D.R. Edward Wright, emeritus Professor of art history at the University of South Florida,Tampa, USA, worldwide specialist of Incunabuli, discovered first, and then suggested to Pr Kemp because of its dimensions, the portrait could have come from a late 15th century incunabulum, the Sforziada, housed one in the Polish National Library, and the others in London, Paris and Italy libraries. Martin Kemp and Pascal Cotte, on Pr Wright suggestion, travelled to Warsaw to examine his hypothesis, and published their findings in a book: the dimensions of the vellum sheet used for La Bella Principessa, as Pr Wright thought at the origin, are identical with the sheets of the Sforziada, while the irregular spacing of the holes on the left of La Bella Principessa exactly matches the spacing of the Sforziada’s binding threads. Other scientific parameters successfully verified include the matching thickness of the vellum, and the vellum’s absorption of the light spectrum

Excerpt from BBC's Fake or Fortune, where Philip Mould, leading the investigation to gather more information on an alleged Monet  discusses the multispectral scanning system with Pascal Cotte. It is a succinct summary of the technology, and includes a demonstration of how it was applied to a more famous da Vinci piece..

A Worldwide Media coverage : Press Release
More than 1,500 articles in major media in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, dozens of spots for TV and Radio News, hundreds of thousands Hits on  Yahoo, Google, MCN, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, TSR, TF1, M6, AFPportals, many blogs and  reviews, TV reports finally on cut before broadcast on NHK Japan, Discovery Chanel, Sciences TV, National Geographic  show a worldwide interest for this discovery thanks to Lumiere Technology 's multispectral study.

"On a dévouvert
l'ADN de la Joconde."
par Veronique Prat
21 Oct 2006

Lumiere Technology
29 Jan.2007

"The Camera who changes Art for ever"
by Alasdair Palmer
2008,March 16th

Pr. Martin Kemp introduces  a rediscovered major work by Leonardo da Vinci
17th Sept 2009
Oxfordshire Museum

12 October 2009
ATG correspondant SIMON HEWITT gains exclusive access to the evidence used to unveil what the world’s leading scholars say is the the first major Leonardo Da Vinci find for 100 years.


"A World of Art no longer Invisble"
By Kelly Kompton
March-Apr 2008

click here to read the announce of Pr.Martin Kemp Lecture

Is  this  the greatest art market discovery of the century ? By Simon Hewitt
New evidence strengthens Leonardo claim for portrait


Lumiere Technology is  emerging as a vital player for expertise and study of art history. Our process  has just modified traditional methods of investigation used from years  by experts and museums  labs:: macro photography,  infrared reflectography, spectro-colorimetry at a level of synthesis ever obtained, through such multispectral high definition Digitization in one operation. It is  our know  how.  

We do not get no other pride than to remain ourselves, innovative, listening to art historians, experts, collectors and players of museum life whom we seek only to enrich knowledge by providing them new  evidence, scientifically proven for more certification.

We are not expert and Art Historians.

We are expert in scientific imagery for Fine Arts.

Like it or not, these scientific measurements of multispectral paintings  open a new  area of investigation as well as medical imaging has enabled practitioners  to work better. These images should be commented on, analyzed, compared and shared. Deny to Lumiere Technology inventor of such process  the right to exist and to comment on the images under the pretext that we are not art historians is non sense. Like the radiologists, we provide a checkup, a first observation, care for art historians to comment, interpret, and refine them responsibly, professionally and systematically to support their research and their feelings. It is  useless  to want to veil the face denying this fact. The denial ambient is  the cancer of such research. Anything that can help to reduce its effects should be encouraged. The only requirement for expertise and study is  the use of more efficient ways  and tools  to search for the truth. The multispectral analysis, as a scientific measurement of the substance of the art work, seems to be one of the most sophisticated, if not the most successful to achieve. It is never too late to recognize a breakthrough and to use it.

Lumiere Technology S.A.R.L.

mailto: Pascal Cotte at

Exhibitions & Conferences

Journées du Patrimoine 2014 au Musée Girodet de Montargis
Click on this image to the  Musée Troyon Girodet at Montargis where LT digitized
21 major artworks  by Girodet, opening the Multispectral Corpus  base of this painter



At the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels
July 2014 - Jan 25th 2015
Click on this image to thE RMB Website



An interesting study from Dr Robert D.Elliot  (NCSU) wich Lumiere Technology would like to verify by digitizing the famous da Vinci's painting  
The Salvator Mundi
after its next acquisition, Nov 12th 2017
Click in this  picture to download  it 

March 21st 2016
on this link to read and download  the update 
by  Pascal Cotte  about

some of the Many Inconsistencies & Dubious Assertions in Greenhalgh’s A Forger’s Tale, as revealed by a Scientific & Historic Examination of
La Bella Principessa

March 9th 2016
on this link to read and download  
a focus on The Bella Principessa  
by Pr Martin Kemp,


Dec 8th 2015
Pascal Cotte publishes a study 
Lumiere on
the Mona Lisa 
a 205 pages book in English  
with 150 unpublished Discoveries  
available on 
Click on this link to read the press release.
Images available on request at

SIPA PRESSE +33147434743

9th 2014
Pascal Cotte publishes a study 
Lumiere on The Lady with an Ermine 

a 288 pages book in English and French 
with 28 unpublished Discoveries  
Click in this link Amazon to order it 

Click on this picture to read the pdf
leaflet on the book
click on this links
to read  the  
Press release file
and to read what think :
Eric Bietry Rivière
le Figaro
, Sept 9th.  2014
Francesca Pini
the Corriere della Sera - Sette

Hiroaki Miyagawa in the Mainichi
the biggest daily newspaper in Japan 
>10 millions printed,
on cover edition  
Sept 13th
 and in a second paper  Mainichi Sept 21th

Roya Nikkhah a 2' report
BBC News on the 10 o'clock  
BBC One Sept  29th 2014,  and then
on BBC World channel , which has a global audience of  200 millions .
with follow-ups Sept.30th  in various websites including the
The Time
, the Daily Mail the  Telegraph ant more than 400 media  :  links

Pascal Cotte & Dr Januzs Walek ,
Curator of the Lady with an Ermine,
Sept 13 th at the Museum of Krakaw  
in front of the Masterpiece of Leonard de Vinci


Lumiere Technology has digitized
a Leonardo da Vinci Discovery in 2008 
"Profile of the Bella Principessa"
The origin of the Profile of the Bella Principessa, Leonardo Da Vinci’s three chalks drawing, has been formally identified in its provenance, thus confirming its authenticity
Sept 28th 2011  

Published  in 2009 in a monograph
"Leonardo Infinito"

written by Pr.Alessandro Vezzozi.
then in different statements
by Dr.Nicholas Turner

by Dott. Mina Gegori
by Pr.Carlo Pedretti
by Dott..Cristina Geddo

by Pr.Alessandro Vezzozi
and in 2010  by Pr.Martin Kemp
in a book written with Pascal Cotte,
CTO & cofounder of Lumiere Technology

thanks to further researches
with Dr Edward Wright, Pr Kemp and Pascal Cotte,

Sensational new evidence proves conclusively that La Bella Principessa,  is by Leonardo da Vinci.

Click in this  picture
    to read the news and discover the results !

 a lecture by Doctor Geddo

Click in this  picture
    to download the PDF file

Publication by Doctor Geddo

Click in this  picture
    to download the PDF file

Click in this
    to order the book on
 published by Hodder & Stoughton  

For more information about us, please download  
this  PDF in english


"New Knowledge Is Born
The Technique of Multi-Spectral Imagery revolutionises Painting Analyses"
downolad the last   Pascal Cotte's scientific publication ( PDF file) in the
International Preservation News n°50 page 21/27


FR3 TV News   - April 22th 2008

Lumiere Technology  was  exhibitor at   
TEFAF Maastricht  2007 & 2008,
not in  2010 & 2009.

Click on this image to watch  
the 4'  France2  TV report  March 24th 2008 
"Complement d'enquete" about us.

Press release from  the in english

6mn Abstract from "Enquête d'Art - FRANCE 5 TV Magazine,  Dec 11th 2008,
au Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille: Report on Lumiere Technology researches  
on 2 famous  paintings  by F.GOYA, "Les  Vieilles " and "Les  Jeunes".
How  the multispectral  digitization can help Art Historians, Curators
and Conservationists in their researches  in Museums and Universities . TV - NOUVO  - Sept 5th 2008 About the "Profile of the Bella Principessa" a report of the TSR TV



Special report in french
about Lumiere Technology by Jean Michel Billaut

Abstract from
the famous French Publication
Nuances n°40/41  

published   by l'ARIPA
Association pour le respect
de l'intégrité du patrimoine artistique

To Download the 3  PDF pages  not yet translated in english iclik on this image

Why multispectral views must become systematic for Paintings

"For several years, a shooting revolution
- simple and ultra efficient - way to achieve a mass of data on color, allowing a major variety of uses . 
This process is under-used in our museums, so that its use should be compelling and become usual for Paintings "

The multispectral revolution is nothing less than the advent of color in the scientific literature for museums and historians until now  in black and white ...
The color key dimension of the painting, finally recorded scientifically for the picture as a whole, stored, analyzed, measured and compared with already many applications and other upcoming

 in Nuances, n°40-41.

Historiquement Show "La Belle Princesse" ABSTRACT
Click on the Image to watch the 18 minutes Broadcasted of Pascal Cotte & Jean Penicaut interview  in French not yet subtitled  by Michel Field. With M.Xavier Darcos, Former French Minister of National Education , Secrétaire Perpetuel de l'Académie des Sciences  Morales  et Politiques,  membre de l'Académie Française